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POR SOLO6.99€/mes
IVA incluido
POR SOLO8.75€/mes
IVA incluido

MOBILE TELEPHONYTOP unlimited calls + 15GB

15GB unlimited calls
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POR SOLO13.17€/mes
IVA incluido

MOBILE TELEPHONYTOP unlimited calls + 30GB

30 GB unlimited calls
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POR SOLO17.59€/mes
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MOBILE TELEPHONYTOP unlimited calls on 3 mobiles + 15GB to share

15GB to share + unlimited calls on 3 mobiles
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POR SOLO17.60€/mes
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MOBILE TELEPHONYTOP unlimited calls on 3 mobiles + 25GB to share

25GB to share + unlimited calls on 3 mobiles
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POR SOLO22.02€/mes
IVA incluido

NOW YOU HAVE NO REASON TO DOUBTWith Internet Canarias, you will be able to browse and talk as you want…


The last technology with access on Internet, wireless fibre, an INTERNET CANARIAS exclusive service.


You can already enjoy the best Internet service even if you live in a not urban area, without minimum terms and with no limits.


Talk and browse from the mobile, combine as you want our voice and data rates.


Don’t miss out our services, take advantage of our offers.

YOUR MOBILE WITH INTERNET CANARIASCombine our voice and data rates to get the best out of your smartphone


INTERNET CANARIAS is continually trying to improve on the rates to give you the best price without being tied to minimum term agreements.


Unlike other Operators, INTNERNET CANARIAS do not charge any telephone line quotas. You can save up to €20 euros per month.


You can unsubscribe your mobile phone temporarily if you wish and we will keep your number for you up to 3 months.


You can activate Parental Control and fix a maximum consumption to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.

WOULD YOU LIKE US TO RESOLVE ANY DOUBTS YOU MAY HAVE?Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before contracting our services.

Policy on use and risk control for mobile tariffs

We wish to inform you that, as part of our transparency policy at Internet Canarias, we have implemented certain new measures of control and security so that you have more exhaustive control over your expenditure. It is important to emphasise that the thresholds established are always separate from the data or voice allowances included in the rates. That is to say, we are talking about additional consumption beyond that established for each rate.

Limits and conditions

At the moment of subscribing to a line, the following default thresholds will be applied, which can be modified by requesting this in writing.

Voice limit > €50/month for warning and €60/month for cutoff
Data limit > €5/month for warning and €10/month for cutoff
Roaming limit > €30/month for warning and €50/month for cutoff
Notifications will be sent by SMS each time the following conditions are met:

SMS to confirm the limit to be applied each time this is modified.
Warning SMS prior to cutoff
Warning SMS after the cutoff limit has been passed
Once the limits have been exceeded, the check for each threshold will be marked, an SMS will be sent, and for the cutoff limits the services will be blocked on the line as follows:

Voice limit: outgoing calls will be blocked
Data limit: data will be deactivated
Roaming limit: roaming will be deactivated
Thank you for having chosen Internet Canarias MOBILE telephony. Remember we are at your disposal for any queries you may have.


Do I need a telephone line?

We offer Internet connection using wireless networks (Wimax or 4G LTE) or via satellite (Sky Tooway). These technologies are characterised by establishing communication via radio or satellite link, so that it is not necessary to have a conventional telephone line. If in addition to connecting to the Internet, you wish to have a landline or mobile line, Internet Canarias can also offer you these services.

How can I cancel my portability?

If you wish to cancel the portability of your fixed line or mobile, you need to request it at the following link where all the fields must be filled in and all requested files need to be attached.
· DNI / NIF / CIF / NIE of the person who requested the portability.
· Portability cancellation document signed.
· Bank receipt of your SIM transfer costs and card sending. The cost for each delivered SIM is 3,00 € + IGIC (7%). The shipping cost is 6,00 € + IGIC (7%). The transfer must be made to the account of INTERNET4GCANARIAS ES12 2085 8158 2103 3040 5527 IBERCAJA indicating the concept CANCELLATION OF PORTABILITY + NAME AND SURNAME OF HOLDER

In case the identification does not coincide with the applicant or the attached documents are erroneous or incomplete, the cancellation will not be processed. The cancellation of the portability is free.

To cancel the portability in mobile telephony, you need to pay the SIM card and the shipment (in case it has not been previously invoiced).
Deadlines for cancellation: portability can be canceled, a request from the contractor, at any time from the initial date of the user’s request until 2:00 p.m. on the day before the portability is executed. The customer service hours for these periods are Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, except on national holidays and in the municipality of Madrid (the indicated hours are expressed in Madrid time).

What is the coverage of Canarias mobile?

Internet Canarias MOBILE uses the network of Orange in Spain, so you can be sure of excellent quality in the calls and the network coverage.

What is a SIM card?

The SIM card is a removable microchip installed inside a mobile phone and which establishes a network connection.

What is the ICCD?

The ICCD is a 19-digit number which identifies your SIM and is written on the card itself.

What is the PIN code?

The SIM card is protected against unauthorised use by a secret code of 4 digits. This number is known as the PIN (Personal Identification Number) in English. If you enter this code wrongly 3 times, the SIM card will be automatically blocked. If the SIM card becomes blocked, you will have to enter the PUK code. Your PIN code is shown on the back of your Canarias MÓVIL card, though for your security we recommend that you change it in the telephone options.

What is a PUK code?

Your PUK code is shown on the back of the card, next to the PIN code. You will need your PUK code to unblock the SIM card if you have entered your PIN code wrongly 3 times.

What should I do if I do not know my PUK code?

If you have lost your PUK code, we will help you to recover it. Send us an email at, or call 822 08 40 00 with the following information:

– Your Canarias MÓVIL mobile number

– The ICCID (on the back of your SIM card)

– The data you used at registration (NIE and POSTCODE). We will facilitate you with your PUK code immediately.

Can I use my Internet Canarias Mobile card abroad?

For CONTRACT cards, roaming is deactivated by default, though you can activate it by calling 822 08 40 00.

What do I have to do if I lose my card and wish to recover my number?

You can request a duplicate of the SIM card. The holder of the card will have to make contact in person with Customer Service at Internet Canarias Móvil by calling 822 08 40 00, and facilitating the data requested.

When and where can I collect the duplicate?

The duplicate will be sent to the address you give. The delivery time will be from 1 to 3 days after acceptance of the shipment. The shipping costs will be charged to the customer.

How do I activate/deactivate the voicemail of Internet Canarias Mobile?

The voicemail service is activated by default for your Canarias Móvil line. You can activate/deactivate your voicemail in the following ways:

– Cancelling/activating call forwarding on your telephone.

– Calling 242 and choosing option 2 to activate it or option 3 to deactivate it.

– Using the following codes:

To activate it for cases when the phone is off or without coverage: dial **62*242# and press the call button.
To deactivate this forwarding, dial ##62# and press the call button.
To activate it for cases of no response: dial **61*242# and press the call button.
To deactivate this forwarding, dial ##61# and press the call button.
To activate it when the line is busy: dial **67*242# and press the call button.
To deactivate this forwarding, dial ##67# and press the call button.
To forward all calls to voicemail (unconditional forwarding): dial **21*242# and press the call button.
To deactivate this forwarding, dial ##21# and press the call button.
To deactivate all forwarding to voicemail or another number, dial ##002# and press the call button.

How do I configure my voicemail?

· Call 242 and follow the instructions to record a personal message.

· If you do not record any personalised message, people who call you will simply hear the number they have dialled.

· It is more likely that people who call you will leave you a message if they recognise your voice in a personalised greeting.

· You can record or change your greeting later, by selecting 4 from the main menu, and then option 3, (personalised greeting).

· You can also change both the language of the menu and your access code subsequently. To do so, call 242 (no charge) and press 3 (configure voicemail). ​

How do I access my voicemail?

From your own mobile, when you are in Spain, call the free number 242.

From other countries, dial +34656242242 and follow the steps indicated. You will have to enter your mobile number, and then your access code.

From another number, dial 656242242 and then follow the same steps as for calling from another country.

While listening to your messages, you can carry out the following basic operations.
– Pressing 1: return to the start

– Pressing 2: save message and pass to the next one

– Pressing 3: delete message and pass to the next one

– Pressing 4: identification calling number

– Pressing 5: not used

– Pressing 6: not used

– Pressing 7: go back 10 seconds.

– Pressing 8: pause/resume

– Pressing 9: go forward 10 seconds

– Pressing *: main menu

– Pressing 0: help

– Pressing #: return the call

– To obtain help at any moment, press 0.

Can I change the rate?

You can change rate whenever you wish: you only have to notify us by the 24th of the month before that in which you wish the change to take effect.