4G LTE Offer, Wimax offer

The promotion 50% DISCOUNT ON SUBSCRIPTION consists of contracting the Internet Canarias WIMAX service with a minimum contract of 6 MB/1 MB. The contract must be agreed no later than 31 MARCH 2019.

The customer must contract INTERNET 6 MB/1 MB at minimum, and may choose among higher options.
Engaging our services with the promotion WIMAX 50% DISCOUNT ON SUBSCRIPTION entitles the customer to enjoy a REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF SUBSCRIPTION AND INSTALLATION of 50%.
This promotion implies a minimum term agreement for 9 consecutive complete months, at a minimum speed of 6/1. Complete months are considered to be those for which the full month is billed (from the first to the last days of the month, both inclusive).
Internet Canarias may request a guarantee of payment.

Please ask whether this promotion is available in your area.