4G LTE Offer

Conditions of the promotion 4GLTE SUBSCRIPTION FREE

The SUBSCRIPTION FREE PROMOTION consists in the contracting of the CANARIAS Internet service with a minimum contract of 10Mb / 1Mb. The hiring must be agreed before MARCH 31, 2019

1. The customer must contract INTERNET 10 MB/1 MB at minimum, and may choose among higher options.
2. Engaging our services under the SUBSCRIPTION FREE PROMOTION entitles the customer to free subscription and installation.
3. This promotion implies a minimum term agreement for 18 consecutive complete months, at a minimum speed of 10/1. Complete months are considered to be those for which the full month is billed (from the first to the last days of the month, both inclusive).
4. INTERNET CANARIAS may request a guarantee of payment.

Please ask whether this promotion is available in your area.