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How do I get the best out of the plan?

We will also give you another 1000 minutes of calls made to other EXCOM mobiles. If you consume all your Call Plan to national landline and mobile phones, DO NOT WORRY. We will give you the first five minutes of each call out of the Plan for free.

During the first five minutes of a call made to national numbers, there will be charged at 0 €/min, with a call connection cost of 0.18 €. From the 6th minute, you will be charged 0.08 €/min. The cost of national SMS is €0.11 for each message sent.

Which destinations are included in the plan?

When you contract this plan, you can make calls 24 hours a day to landline and mobile phone numbers in the following countries: Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Greece, France, Ireland, Iceland, Holland, Sweden, United States, Canada and Norway.

Once you have exceeded the minutes included in this offer, all calls outside the Plan and/or to other destinations are not included and will be charged at the standard international rate.

What options do I have if I have consumed my data plan allowance?

Data plans come in 5GB, 20GB, and 50GB (4G super-browsing) are cannot be combined with Voice Plans.

Once you have exceeded the limite of your Data Plan, the speed drops to 16 Kbps.

You can keep browsing at a lower speed and at no extra cost until you reach a traffic threshold that is variable according to the MB you have contracted:

    • 200 MB Plan: up to 200 MBps extra
    • 500 MB Plan: up to 500 MBps extra
    • 1 GB Plan: up to 1 GB extra

If you exceed the set threshold, the connection is interrupted until the following month. So that you are not left without a connection or have to browse at low speeds, we would recommend that you contract an additional data plan that expires at the end of the month:

    • Extra data plan of 100 MB at €1.99
    • Extra plan of 500 MB at €3,99
    • Extra plan of 1 GB at €4,99
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