What is the difference between the 4G LTE from Internet Canarias and 4G from a mobile service company?


It is important not to confuse the 4G LTE service offered by Internet Canarias with that offered by other mobile companies.
While those companies offer a limited service and impose a maximum monthly consumption limit, we at Internet Canarias do hot have limits on consumption or the time of day, a minimum term or hidden charges.
We offer an end-to-end 4G LTE service without any interference. Prior to the contract, we verify that the 4G network coverage and signal quality are standard, which is another great advantage we offer over mobile 4G services, whose coverage is patchy and whose signal is less stable.
The equipment installed by Internet Canarias in your home consists of a high-spec CPE Router, very different from the usual “USB stick” that other mobile phone companies offer.
In addition, our equipment is covered by guarantee, so that in the event of fault or breakdown, they will be replaced by our technicians.