Limits and conditions


At the moment of subscribing to a line, the following default thresholds will be applied, which can be modified by requesting this in writing.

Voice limit > €50/month for warning and €60/month for cutoff
Data limit > €5/month for warning and €10/month for cutoff
Roaming limit > €30/month for warning and €50/month for cutoff
Notifications will be sent by SMS each time the following conditions are met:

SMS to confirm the limit to be applied each time this is modified.
Warning SMS prior to cutoff
Warning SMS after the cutoff limit has been passed
Once the limits have been exceeded, the check for each threshold will be marked, an SMS will be sent, and for the cutoff limits the services will be blocked on the line as follows:

Voice limit: outgoing calls will be blocked
Data limit: data will be deactivated
Roaming limit: roaming will be deactivated
Thank you for having chosen Internet Canarias MOBILE telephony. Remember we are at your disposal for any queries you may have.