How do I access my voicemail?


From your own mobile, when you are in Spain, call the free number 242.

From other countries, dial +34656242242 and follow the steps indicated. You will have to enter your mobile number, and then your access code.

From another number, dial 656242242 and then follow the same steps as for calling from another country.

While listening to your messages, you can carry out the following basic operations.
– Pressing 1: return to the start

– Pressing 2: save message and pass to the next one

– Pressing 3: delete message and pass to the next one

– Pressing 4: identification calling number

– Pressing 5: not used

– Pressing 6: not used

– Pressing 7: go back 10 seconds.

– Pressing 8: pause/resume

– Pressing 9: go forward 10 seconds

– Pressing *: main menu

– Pressing 0: help

– Pressing #: return the call

– To obtain help at any moment, press 0.