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YA NO TIENES MOTIVOS PARA TENER DUDAS Con Excom podrás navegar y hablar como quieras…


La última tecnología en acceso a internet, la fibra sin cables, un servicio exclusivo de EXCOM.


Ya puedes disfrutar del mejor servicio de internet aunque vivas en una zona no urbana, sin permanencia y sin límites.


Habla y navega desde el móvil, combina como quieras nuestras tarifas de voz y datos.


Con EXCOM mejora las comunicaciones de voz y datos de tu empresa.

TU LÍNEA FIJA CON EXCOM Añade nuestro servicio de telefonía fija a tu contrato de Internet EXCOM


Habla todo lo que necesites y ahorra en torno a 15 céntimos de euro en cada llamada.


A diferencia de los operadores habituales, con EXCOM no tienes que pagar ninguna cuota de línea telefónica. Ahorrarás hasta 20 € cada mes.


Puedes en todo momento dar de baja temporal tus líneas de fijo y no te preocupes, te mantenemos el número hasta 12 meses.


Elijas una tarifa plana para tus llamadas o pagues por consumo, olvídate de las tarifas por minuto.

¿NECESITAS SOLUCIONAR ALGUNA DUDA? Lee nuestras preguntas frecuentes para encontrar las soluciones a las dudas que tengas.

How can I deactivate or reactivate my internet or telephony contract?

You can request deactivation of your Internet or telephone connection comfortably using the deactivation web form.

Remember that you need to request this by the 24th of the month before you wish to effect it.

For instance, if you wish to deactivate your Internet connection from 1 October, you need to request this between the 1st and 24th of September.

You can request reactivation of your Internet or telephone connection comfortably using the activation web form.

You can request this any day of the month. You will be billed on a pro rata basis for the days remaining in the month.

In the case of mobile lines, flat rates and allowance rates cannot be reactivated within one month after deactivation.

The request can only be put into effect from the 1st of the following month. Nevertheless, the line can be activated, although only on a consumption basis.

How can I cancel my portability?

If you wish to cancel the portability of your fixed line or mobile, you need to request it at the following link where all the fields must be filled in and all requested files need to be attached.
· DNI / NIF / CIF / NIE of the person who requested the portability.
· Portability cancellation document signed.
· Bank receipt of your SIM transfer costs and card sending. The cost for each delivered SIM is 3,00 € + IGIC (7%). The shipping cost is 6,00 € + IGIC (7%). The transfer must be made to the account of INTERNET4GCANARIAS ES12 2085 8158 2103 3040 5527 IBERCAJA indicating the concept CANCELLATION OF PORTABILITY + NAME AND SURNAME OF HOLDER

In case the identification does not coincide with the applicant or the attached documents are erroneous or incomplete, the cancellation will not be processed. The cancellation of the portability is free.

To cancel the portability in mobile telephony, you need to pay the SIM card and the shipment (in case it has not been previously invoiced).
Deadlines for cancellation: portability can be canceled, a request from the contractor, at any time from the initial date of the user’s request until 2:00 p.m. on the day before the portability is executed. The customer service hours for these periods are Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, except on national holidays and in the municipality of Madrid (the indicated hours are expressed in Madrid time).

Can I change the rate?

You can change rate whenever you wish: you only have to notify us by the 24th of the month before that in which you wish the change to take effect.

What is included in the price and how is the installation?

The high price includes the installation and activation of the service in our systems.

In order for you to sign up for fixed telephony, we must install our equipment, the same ones that are needed for the Internet connection, and also a telephone adapter. The telephone adapter has no additional cost to the customer. A technician will go to your home and install an antenna. The perfect place to place it normally is the existing mast for the television antenna.

When do receipts turn and what forms of payment do they exist?

All fees are revoked on the 1st of each month, of the current month, however, consumptions are billed at the expired month. The payment is made by direct debit or by card. Bank accounts must be from the European Union. In case of choosing domiciliation by card, the card must be enabled for electronic payment.